Terms and Conditions

of the EU Insemination Station Dressage Grand-Ducal


In General

Every breeder who uses the services of the insemination station which is recognised based on EU guidelines, accepts the terms and conditions given in the following as well as the Terms & Conditions for Breeding and Insemination issued by the respective breeding societies.

The breeding season begins on March 1 and ends on July 31. The stud fees must be paid before semen is shipped.

Breeders must understand that we reserve the right to limit the amount of fresh semen to two insemination doses per oestrus cycle if the stallion has a heavy breeding schedule.
If the stallion should become unavailable during the course of the breeding season for specific reasons (illness, shows, etc.), frozen semen may be used if legal and technical prerequisites are fulfilled or substituted by another stallion of the same price class.

If a mare is being inseminated for an embryo transfer, this must be made known to Dressage Grand-Ducal in advance. If this information is not provided in advance, the stud fee will be invoiced per insemination.

Ordering Semen

We kindly ask you to order semen from Monday to Thursday by 9:30 a.m. for same day shipment. The following information must be provided:

  • Desired stallion
  • Name and complete address of the owner of the mare as well as member number of the responsible breeding society
  • Complete information on the mare (name, life number, copy of pedigree)
  • Shipment address (with exact instructions where delivery should take place)

Shipment and pick-up of semen on Sundays and holidays is only possible by appointment.

Shipment is carried out by a courier service and will be invoiced to the breeder separately. The risk of transporting semen is transferred to the breeder as soon as it leaves Dressage Grand-Ducal ‘s insemination station. The same applies when semen is picked-up.

Semen containers that are not returned free of charge within a week will be invoiced to the breeder.

Important Note for Breeders from Abroad:
The stud fee must be paid in advance. Otherwise there will be no shipping. In the case of veterinary certificate confirming that the mare is not in foal presented by December 1, 2019, half of the stud fees already paid will be refunded (see special conditions). Along with the price of the semen, an additional fee will be charged for each order for the necessary paperwork issued by the official government veterinarian and shipping costs.

Special Conditions

In the case of mares that do not come in foal or have resorbed, half of the stud fee paid the year before will be credited as long as a veterinary certificate confir- ming that the mare is not in foal is presented by December 1, 2019.

In the case of mares that were inseminated for the first time after July 1, 2019 that do not come in foal and the breeder has presented by December 1, 2019 a veterinary certificate confirming that the mare is not in foal, the full stud fee will be credited. These provisions do not apply to the sale of frozen semen – we also have attractive special conditions for frozen semen.

Place of Performance and Venue

Place of performance and venue is the domicile of the stallion owner. As long as the breeder is a registered trader, the exclusive place of jurisdiction is the domicile of the stallion owner for all claims present and future arising from the business relationship.


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