Health! Joy of movement! Will to perform!

Dressage Grand -Ducal

Dressage Grand-Ducal stands for the training and later sale of highly talented dressage horses. Founded in 2015, the company, run by the French businessman and successful Grand Prix rider Patrice Mourruau together with the international judge and trainer Christof Umbach and the World Cup rider Sascha Schulz, has meanwhile developed rapidly. The silver and bronze winners of the World Dressage Championships, Ferrari OLD and Quel Filou OLD, are from the Dressage Grand-Ducal squad.

Our secret of success? We only buy horses of which we are completely convinced. And we attach great importance to rideability! There are enough horses with strong movements. Also the attitude must be absolutely horse-fair. This is exactly what we can offer our horses at the Ecuries riding facility of the Pres of the Sunnen family. Besides spacious outdoor boxes, there are two riding halls measuring 27 x 60 and 25 x 40 metres as well as two outdoor courts, sand paddocks, horse walkers, lunging circles, treadmills, solariums and above all 30 paddocks.

Our motto: Only a satisfied horse can be a good sportsman and his rider a partner. This partnership must be based on trust.

When we choose our horses, we put
highest value on highest standards:

  • perfect health check and correct exterieur
  • three outstanding basic gaits with regard to tact security and expression
  • an ideal joy of movement, highest rideability and a human-oriented, high-performance character.


Patrice Mourruau

General Director


Born in France, the merchant has lived in Luxembourg since 2013 and discovered his love for horses in his youth.
He rides daily and has numerous successes up to Grand Prix level.

His sense for beauty, elegance and sportiness is also reflected in the selection of horses for Dressage Grand-Ducal.

Patrice Mourruau is also a member of the board of the Riders Club Luxembourg, which organises one of the world's largest CDI**** in Leudelange every year.

Christof Umbach

General Manager


He was born in Germany and is a banker and master in horse management. He is responsible for the management of the business and the training of the horses.

His knowledge and experience, which he has acquired in his riding career and as an international judge, he is happy to pass on to our customers in training and consulting.

Together with Patrice Mourruau, he is a member of the board of the Riders Club Luxembourg, which organises one of the world's largest CDI**** in Leudelange every year.

Sascha Schulz

Professional Rider


After completing his apprenticeship as a banker, Sascha Schulz turned his passion into a profession and initially worked for six years with Brigitte and master rider Wolfram Wittig. Here he achieved his first successes in advanced (S) level and completed his training as a rider with the Stensbeck badge.

The German-born rider has been riding for Luxembourg since 2007. Together with Grand Prix judge and trainer Christof Umbach, he took over the Centre Equestre in Beaufort in 2000. This was followed by the establishment of a training stable in Leudelange and the founding of Dressage Grand-Ducal in 2015.

More than 300 advanced (S) level placings, including more than 80 victories up to Grand Prix level, and four national championship titles are registered.